Meet the Officers

Drexel SWE 2023-2024 Executive Board

Cailey Ruderman
Shaila Rao
Vice President
Feben Wolde-Semayat
Vice President, Outreach
Toni Sterling
Doon Pappas

Drexel SWE 2023-2024 Directors

Rea Athanasiu
Diversity & Inclusion Director
Olivia Chille
Membership Director
Gwyneth Steele
Networking Director
Khushi Patel
Outreach Director,
Org Partnerships
Rhythm Osan
Outreach Director,
School Partnerships
Renae Tingling
Professional Development Director
Jill Shah
Public Relations
Kachi Abonu
Public Relations
Caroline Ries
Wellness Director

Drexel SWE 2024 Winter/Spring Chairs

Raquel Bach
Fundraising Chair
Giselle Dickinson
Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Juliette Salter
Membership Chair
Ria Goel
Networking Chair
Sylvia Cho
Outreach Chair,
Org Partnerships
Nyah Patel
Outreach Chair,
School Partnerships
Serena Osuagwu
Outreach Development Chair
Tasfia Rahman
Professional Development Chair
Sherya Arya
Evening With Industry Chair
Emily Farrell
Public Relations Chair
Marianna Solares Midence
Wellness Chair