Diversity and Inclusion

This team empowers and supports students of all backgrounds by welcoming diverse student bodies and foster an inclusive environment at our events. Events such as diversity potluck, international student information session, and Lives and Lessons of the Underrepresented in STEM ensure that all our members feel welcome and respected. The team also collaborates with other organizations and offices such as NSBE, SHPE, SASE, SCDI, ISSS and SCDC to host events that accommodate our diverse members. HeForSWE is an initiative that cultivates new ways to encourage men advocating for women in the STEM field. The HeForSWE team has grown an impressive network of both collegiate and professional men who are interested in furthering the normality of women in STEM. They attend advisory meetings where interesting topics and tricks to integrate women into the workplace comfortably are discussed. The ambassadors are male undergraduate members who help host privilege activities at advisory meetings and advocate for women in STEM.


Responsible for the planning general body meetings as well as casual networking events such as our Society Level Membership and new member information session, movie nights, senior sendoffs, volunteer nights at Dornsife center and active members dinner to foster relationships with colleagues outside of the classroom. We have also coordinated with Philadelphia SWE Professional Section, Temple SWE and Penn SWE in efforts to broaden our relationships with women and other engineers. The membership committee focuses on also collaborating with other student organizations on Drexel’s campus such as WICS, ASCE, ASME,  AEI, A.O.E, CAB, NSBE, SHPE, SASE, and many more. Membership works closely with the student body in order to cater events to what our members would like to do. Surveys and polls are often administered to gauge interest in events. Membership also organizes officer retreats which allow for the officers to get a break from school for the weekend and bond with each other outside of school.


Builds connections between incoming Drexel engineering students and current students by creating a freshman-upperclassman pair based on academic and career interests. The program has paired over 120 individuals since its inauguration. Events such as crafting, art museum trips, and picnics attract members of all ages and disciplines, all in support of SWE. The committee also runs the professional mentorship program where professionals are paired with undergraduates to act as a mentor and answer any questions about their time at Drexel or their career after Drexel.

Professional Development

Provides resources and information sessions to aid career development. The Professional Development team holds mock interviews and resume reviews at least once each term to benefit students applying for co-op, as well as information sessions regarding subjects such as study abroad, co-op tips and tricks, professional attire and financial literacy. The professional development committee collaborates with companies and professionals to come to campus and initiate the conversation between students and professionals. These events open career opportunities to students such as co-op or full time.

Public Relations

Communicates with members, alumni, and other interested individuals through this website, Facebook group & page, LinkedIn group & page, Instagram and the publication of our quarterly newsletters. The public relations team is also in-charge of Drexel SWE’s participation in the events hosted during Drexel’s Annual Homecoming Week. We help increase our media reach by utilizing social media and notifying members of our upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and career opportunities.


Drexel SWE is also focused on mental and physical health of our members. Each term, we host wellness events such as cycling, group exercises, rock climbing, mediation, yoga and/or participate in intramural sports. This past year, the wellness team developed a blog that contains information on physical and mental wellness, nutrition, and wellness opportunities in the surrounding area. This blog also consists of general body members’ contributions which includes their achievements, favorite recipes and new experiences.  We also offer study sessions and massages during final and midterm weeks, as well as opportunities to volunteer at local dog shelters.


The outreach team plans events to teach young girls engineering topics through workshops and events like Introduce a Girl to Engineering, TechGirlz, Engineering Nights at Middle Schools, and science carnivals. These events also benefit members as they provide an opportunity to give back and inspire the next generation of engineers, which is very rewarding. Our outreach team works diligently to find interesting, interactive, and informative activities to present to young girls in the Philadelphia area in order to educate and empower them. We participated in and/or hosted Materials Science and Engineering Day, STEM conference, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, various demonstration events, and have participated in the Philadelphia Science Festival every year. Drexel SWE developed a strong relationship with the Franklin Institute. Each quarter this past year we have participated in 2 Science After Hours events there where we teach people of all ages about science concepts.